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Heya Staff and Experts

Mr. Ahmed A.Wahed

Mr. Ahmed A.Wahed WPC Program Manager, AID-MENA Chairman Staff and Experts

Key qualifications: MA Governance and Development, Institute of Development Studies (IDS) Sussex ... more

Mr. Ahmed EL Assal

Mr. Ahmed EL Assal WPC Regional Field Officer Staff and Experts

Ahmed El Assal is the Regional Programs Officer at the Academy for International Development - Mi ... more

Mrs. Manal M. Samra

Mrs. Manal M. Samra WPC National Coordinator - Egypt Staff and Experts

Manal Samra holds a Master’s degree in Political Science, and specialized in Development in ... more

Mr. Ahmed Allouch

Mr. Ahmed Allouch WPC National Coordinator - Tunisia Staff and Experts

Ahmed is Founding member and Vice-president, "Youth Without Borders as well as the Tunisian ... more

Mr. Salah Abd El Razek

Mr. Salah Abd El Razek WPC Consultant Researchers

Mr. Salah Mohamed Abdel-Razek is an Institutional Strengthening & Capacity Building Expert wi ... more

Mr. Ahmed El Masry

Mr. Ahmed El Masry WPC National Coordinator - Yemen Staff and Experts

Ahmed Al-Masri is National Coordinator at the Academy for International Development - Middle East ... more

Ms. May  Hassan

Ms. May Hassan Program Assistant Staff and Experts

May Hassan is a Program Assistant at the Academy for International Development – Middle Eas ... more

Mrs. Safa  Halaseh

Mrs. Safa Halaseh WPC National Coordinator - Jordan Staff and Experts

Twenty-two years’ of experience in planning and implementing urban and rural development in ... more

Ms. Afaf Khalil

Ms. Afaf Khalil HEYA Participant, Lebanon Women Leaders

Afaf Khalil is a young Lebanese girl born in 1992. She has a bachelor’s degree in political ... more

Ms. Rajaa Chaabeni

Ms. Rajaa Chaabeni HEYA Participant, Tunisia Women Leaders

Raja Chaabeni is 27 years old from Tunisia. Rajaa held a Master’s Degree in English Languag ... more

Mrs. Salha Nasser

Mrs. Salha Nasser HEYA Participant, Lebanon Women Leaders

Salha Nasser is a Lebanese woman, married, and a mother of 3. She studied at the Lebanese America ... more

Mrs. Eliana  Badr

Mrs. Eliana Badr HEYA Participant , Lebanon Women Leaders

Eliana Badr is 33 years old from Lebanon currently studying her PHD while also holding a Master&r ... more

Mr. Sami El-Sbahi

Mr. Sami El-Sbahi WPC M&E Officer Staff and Experts

Sami El-Sbahi joined the AID-MENA team at the beginning of 2014, taking the position of the Monit ... more

Mrs. Amal Shabsough

Mrs. Amal Shabsough HEYA Participant, Jordan Women Leaders

Amal Mohamed works in the development sector as an Executive Director for The Chechen Woman Chari ... more

Mr. Bady  Buqieen

Mr. Bady Buqieen WPC Field Officer – Jordan Staff and Experts

Bady Buqieen  With ten years’ experience in program management, organization developme ... more

Mrs. Dima  Karadsheh

Mrs. Dima Karadsheh WPC Trainer – Jordan Staff and Experts

Dima Karadsheh is Carrying a Masters degree in Women Studies along with several other course ... more

Dr.  Majdi  Al-Qorom

Dr. Majdi Al-Qorom WPC Consultant Staff and Experts

Experienced in project design/planning, project management, fieldwork and classroom training. Ori ... more

Dr. Hiam Elgousi

Dr. Hiam Elgousi WPC Consultant Staff and Experts

Dr. Hiam Elgousi gained her MSc in Development Training and Education form the University of Wolv ... more

Mr. Magdy  Fahmy

Mr. Magdy Fahmy WPC Financial and Admin Manager Staff and Experts

Mr. Magdy Fahmy Ibrahim is a graduate of the Cairo University having received his BC in Commerce. ... more

Dr. Safa Shaban

Dr. Safa Shaban WPC Consultant Staff and Experts

Dr. Safa qualified as HE teacher in 2012 from the University of Salford, UK, and is considered as ... more

Dr. Soliman Farah

Dr. Soliman Farah WPC Community Behavior Advisor Staff and Experts

Dr. Soliman Guirgis has over two decades of experience in designing, managing and evaluating stra ... more

Mr. Ayman Badr

Mr. Ayman Badr WPC M&E Consultant Staff and Experts

Mr. Ayman Badr has about eighteen years of professional experience in design, development and man ... more