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Ms. Afaf Khalil
HEYA Participant, Lebanon

Afaf Khalil is a young Lebanese girl born in 1992. She has a bachelor’s degree in political and administrative sciences from the Lebanese University (class of 2013) and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in the same field. She ranked at the top of her class for four years and is familiar in political, legal, religious and philosophical subjects where she wrote several essays regarding various topics. In 2011-2012 she participated as a focal point in UNESCO project; “mapping of resources on intercultural dialogues and peace education in the Arab world”; where she also worked as a reporter for the same organization in some of its international conferences. She has since been working for the International Organization for Migration (Tripoli) since August 2013. She has participated in several regional trainings in the field of democracy, woman empowerment and religious dialogue. Raja is fluent in Arabic, French and English.