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Mrs. Salha Nasser
HEYA Participant, Lebanon

Salha Nasser is a Lebanese woman, married, and a mother of 3. She studied at the Lebanese American University and held a certificate of education in the year 2005. During which time, Salha practiced teaching English Language, while working with a publishing house as a story editor. After 11 years of teaching, an opportunity to work on a national project to empower Lebanese women and teach them English and correct communication skills presented itself as the project manager, later allowing her to work in other projects, in partnership with other NGOs, leading her to become a participant in the “Heya” program. She has undergone much training that include academic, managerial, and peace building topics. Salha is currently finishing her B.A. in Educational Management and was nominated by the department of diplomacy of the US embassy in Beirut to attend a conference and workshop for Women Leadership in Washington D.C. during the month of December 2014.