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Mr. Sami El-Sbahi
WPC M&E Officer

Sami El-Sbahi joined the AID-MENA team at the beginning of 2014, taking the position of the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist within the Academy for International Development – Middle East & North Africa organization. The role requires that Mr. El-Sbahi have a deep understanding of all the upcoming activities that each partner organization has so Mr. El-Sbahi can effectively follow up and asses the progress of all participating NGOs.

Sami El-Sbahi joins the AID-MENA organization from London, England, having completed his studies in Economics. Sami discovered a keen interest within himself in the ‘development’ aspect of his degree and focused mainly on the social facet of a country’s economic system, such as Economics of Development, Social and Human Rights and Environmental Economics.

Aside from Monitoring and Evaluating, Sami contributes to AID-MENA’s many other operations, including working on the planning and write up of proposals for new projects AID-MENA may want to undertake.

Sami is enormously passionate with regard to international affairs, democracy and the inner workings of how a country’s economic state can affect its nation’s productivity, human rights and quality of life and as a result is hugely supportive of the Heya program where the overall objective is to offer a platform for women to be heard and work toward more gender equitable changes within the political, social and economic sphere.