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Mr. Ahmed A.Wahed
WPC Program Manager, AID-MENA Chairman

Key qualifications: MA Governance and Development, Institute of Development Studies (IDS) Sussex University, UK, 2012, and MA Management, Sadat Academy for Management Sciences, Cairo, Egypt, 2007.

Mr. El-Wahed has 24 years of community development experience in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region acquired through various working experience with national, regional and international organizations.

Mr. El-Wahed is a co-founder and the chairman of Academy for International Development – Middle East and North Africa (AID-MENA) which is an organization working in the field of Socio-Economic, Socio-Political, and Governance and Democratization field in the MENA region. 

AID-MENA’s mission is to contribute to the effectuation of positive sustainable change through the provision of experts' knowledge, the implementation of quality services and the building of local capacity at every level.

Ahmed El-Wahed possesses a wealth of experience regarding capacity building and providing professional and technical advice to a variety of different organizations and institutions. In addition, Mr. El-Wahed is an accredited BREDGE facilitator (www.bridge-project.org) and has provided workshops in Elections on the national, MENA regional and international level.

Many of his professional roles, having been senior positions, required the creation, review and execution of various strategies for implementation related to diverse projects and programmes. In such instances, Mr. El-Wahed has often been solely responsible for ensuring that such strategies and plans are executed to a high standard, are implemented per the donor’s timeline and are inclusive in its activities. Moreover, Mr. El-Wahed works as a consultant in many countries including Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Jordan and Tunis. He also worked as a country director in one of the leading International relief and development organisation in Yemen.

Mr. El-Wahed has been involved with many professional positions and worked within hostile environments such as the West Bank and Gaza, Iraq and Yemen; in which ethnic and religious tension is rife and the overall situation delicate. As such, he is familiar with and accustomed to working within such demanding and intense situations. Where there is tension between different ethnic, religious or organisational groups, it has been his priority to act as a facilitator, bridging the gap to enable dialogue and planning for a solution. Such strategy is also necessary for bringing together civil societies, private sectors and government agencies, as this is where there tends to be a lack of communication and misunderstanding which can foster the difficult situation at hand.

Ahmed El-Wahed has also worked closely with the women in the MENA region, helping them to gain vital knowledge in political matters such as elections, governance and democracy through organising and running several BRIDGE workshops as a lead trainer in differing locations so as to help the participants become more equipped and build their capacity and to empower them to engage in political and social affairs of their country.

Furthermore, as the Chairman of AID-MENA, Mr. El-Wahed has overseen the startup and implementation of many projects linked with the political and economic empowerment and engagement of women throughout the MENA region.

Mr. El-Wahed is currently responsible for the Heya Programme, a project that is being simultaneously implemented in five countries; Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia and Yemen. This projects intends to directly involve approximately 3600 women in the write up and publishing of policy papers to be distributed and analyzed by women leaders and political figures in the hopes of affecting change with regard to law reform and legislation to achieve a more unprejudiced and gender equitable society.

El-Wahed is also closely affiliated with the African Technology Policy Studies (ATPS), a network encompassing many countries within Africa intent on providing solid, practical solutions for complicated problems. Currently he is a Board Member for the Egypt Chapter of the ATPS.