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Mrs. Dima Karadsheh
WPC Trainer – Jordan

Dima Karadsheh is Carrying a Masters degree in Women Studies along with several other courses related to the quality of research and strategic planning, which enrich my experience as a researcher in human rights and gender issues. Also, I received training from The Academy for Educational Development, “NGO Stakeholder Feedback Project” concerning Focus Group research, where I was trained on conducting focus group-discussions and interviews for qualitative researches and analyzing the results, then proposing the reports. The following are examples of some of the many studies such as “Real Situation for Women in Tafileh”  “Assess The Extent of Satisfaction with The Quality of Education in Jordan”, “Obstacles to Women Work in the Tourism and ICT Sectors, “Assessment of Three Women Canters” Providing Services to Abused Women in three governorates in Jordan  ,“Strategy for Violence against Women in Iraq” .Also having experience in projects management through my experience as a school principal in government school and center manager in Caritas. Finally, I have received many regional and local TOT (training of trainee) in several issues related to human rights, gender, political participation, leadership and strategic planning.

Regarding my profession, I am a self-registered freelance trainer and I have worked with local and international associations such as Islamic Relief, Young Women Leadership in Development, National Committee for Women's Affairs, and Aed- Me Association.