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Dr. Hiam Elgousi
WPC Consultant

Dr. Hiam Elgousi gained her MSc in Development Training and Education form the University of Wolverhampton, UK. In her PhD research she examined the role and influence of contemporary scholars (Ulma) on Arabian women’s rights with a focus on Islamic women living in Egypt. She has over 15 years experience in community development, training and research in the Middle East and the UK.

She has undertaken various consultancies and held several posts including the social mobilization officer with UNICEF - Sudan, and was also a Visiting Lecturer with the Arab Academy for Science and Technology - Egypt in cooperation with Virginia Tech University, USA between 2006-2008. She has taught a variety of modules for the Lifelong Learning Centre and the Department of Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Leeds – UK between the years of 2007-2013. Her main area of research: Women’s rights in Islam, Islamic feminist movements, gender and political Islam, gender, culture and society (special focus Africa and the Middle East). Currently she is working as a consultant and research associate, with several organizations in Egypt and the UK.