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Mr. Magdy Fahmy
WPC Financial and Admin Manager

Mr. Magdy Fahmy Ibrahim is a graduate of the Cairo University having received his BC in Commerce. From there, Mr. Fahmy worked on a number of programs and projects, with different procedures and financial systems, funded by well-respected organizations such as the EU, USAID, SIDA, UNDP and UNOPS.

Currently Mr. Fahmy is the Finance and Administration manager for Academy for International Development – Middle East and North Africa (AID-MENA). Mr. Fahmy joined AID-MENA in 2006 and has been and continues to be a vital employee and confidant to the planning, setup and running of many of AID-MENA’s earlier projects.

Responsible for managing the Heya program’s budget and other key expenses of the AID-MENA consortium, along with the Partner NGOs across the five nations, Mr. Fahmy is an integral component to achieving the successful outcomes sought for by AID-MENA and its associates.

To cope with the pressures put upon him, Mr. Fahmy enjoys engaging himself within team sports such as football where he is able fully express his dominant and insistent personality. However, when things don’t run smoothly, Mr. Fahmy understands that patience is also key, until a clear and practical solution presents itself.

Mr. Fahmy is extremely pleased to once again be involved with a project that looks to benefit women in the region for a more gender equitable society for the future.