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Women Leaders

Ms. Afaf Khalil

Ms. Afaf Khalil HEYA Participant, Lebanon Women Leaders

Afaf Khalil is a young Lebanese girl born in 1992. She has a bachelor’s degree in political ... more

Ms. Rajaa Chaabeni

Ms. Rajaa Chaabeni HEYA Participant, Tunisia Women Leaders

Raja Chaabeni is 27 years old from Tunisia. Rajaa held a Master’s Degree in English Languag ... more

Mrs. Salha Nasser

Mrs. Salha Nasser HEYA Participant, Lebanon Women Leaders

Salha Nasser is a Lebanese woman, married, and a mother of 3. She studied at the Lebanese America ... more

Mrs. Eliana  Badr

Mrs. Eliana Badr HEYA Participant , Lebanon Women Leaders

Eliana Badr is 33 years old from Lebanon currently studying her PHD while also holding a Master&r ... more

Mrs. Amal Shabsough

Mrs. Amal Shabsough HEYA Participant, Jordan Women Leaders

Amal Mohamed works in the development sector as an Executive Director for The Chechen Woman Chari ... more