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AID-MENA Disseminate the Second Newsletter for HEYA Program

AID-MENA Disseminate the Second Newsletter for HEYA Program

Academy For International Development – Middle East and North Africa (AID-MENA) is pleased to announce the dissemination of the second Newsletter for its recent program “Women Policy Centre” known also as the “HEYA Program”. This edition includes information about HEYA’s achievements and recent attended conferences.

Firstly, we hope you have had a very positive start to 2015 as we have had a very productive  year in 2014. The HEYA Program’s first year was full of success and off to a great start. 

Since we value the interests and share the concerns of individuals and organisations who have a key role to play in assisting us with, or benefiting from, our activities. You as individuals have been identified as a key stakeholder, and as such, have been provided with our quarterly newsletter for the HEYA program in order to keep you updated with our progress and achievements. 

Therefore, we would like to take pride of HEYA’s success in building up our network of women who are sensitized, trained and motivated to participate in public policy formulation and monitoring. HEYA aims for sustainable and gender equitable changes in policies and practices ensuring that the voices of women, especially those who are marginalized and living in less advantaged communities are heard and considered in the policymaking and decision making processes. 

During the first year, HEYA attempted and succeeded in increasing women’s active participation in public spheres in the MENA region, which was mainly achieved through a series of implemented activities as well as an organized regional conference. Over the past year, HEYA provided a great opportunity and venue that would develop partnerships and alliances between various stakeholders in the MENA region that would certainly serve their communities. The HEYA program managed to develop partnerships and working relationships with more than 30 local organizations and reach more than 3600 women directly.

Undoubtedly, HEYA is designed to be sustained by local women, local organizations and structures as a regional comprehensive formula; aiming to change the norm, nature and effectiveness of women’s participation in political life in MENA region.

Our ambition is to influence the social development system in the MENA region so spreading knowledge and sharing experiences between various partners and stakeholders is rooted in our vision and values. Download the newsletter from here;http://admin.heya-program.net/Files/Pubs/Pub_12082014064014.pdf

We wait in anticipation for your feedback!!

HEYA Program Team




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