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HEYA Program Trained 3385 Arab women on Public Policy Formulation during the last year

HEYA Program Trained 3385 Arab women on Public Policy Formulation during the last year

All over the past year Academy for International Development, alongside its partners organisations in the five countries of the HEYA program take the initiative to trains more than 3385 Arab women from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia and Yemen. The training workshop entitled "Introduction to Public Policy Analysis and Formulation" was a foundation workshop for the program to increase women's knowledge and skills in the area of governance and public policy in order to play equal role with men in societal affairs.

The trained women was divided as the following on the five countries, Egypt take the lead on the number of the trained women with total participants of 750 women almost from six governments in Egypt which are (Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Qena, Behira and South Sinai). HEYA Team in both Jordan and Tunisia succeeded also to expand the ripple of the HEYA Program effect to engage more cities rather than Amman and Tunis to take part of the workshops with total participants of 720 in Jordan and 685 in Tunisia from the local women leaders. On the other Hand, The team in Lebanon was focused on two main cities only on conducting the workshops which are Tripoli and Beirut with a total number of 700 participants.

Despite the deterioration of the security situation and the challenges that are facing the HEYA team and its partner organisations in Yemen, the program is still trying to reach more women and engage them in the various activities. However, the program succeeded to reach a total number of 530 women from Sana’ so far.

Finally, the HEYA program team is thankful for all the stakeholders, partner organisations, trainers, participants for the great contribution to the success of the phase one of training activities in the five countries.     




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