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HEYA women in the Egyptian parliament

HEYA women in the Egyptian parliament

HEYA program feels greatly honored to present its congratulations to HEYA women who courageously fought and successfully won the parliamentary electoral battle, they bravely insisted to overcome all obstacles, difficulties, troubles and hitches which faced them throughout their struggles till they became parliament members.

One of them, Dr. Hend Elgebaly who won the parliamentary election 2015 in Alexandria’s Al Montazah first Constituency as an independent candidate, her electoral platform - which so much emphasizes on its approval and support of the current constitution-  includes different objectives such as fighting the discrimination against women and directing the full interest to education issues. 

Ms. Elham Elmenshawy - another one of HEYA women- fought and won the parliamentary election 2015 in Alexandria’ Raml Constituency as an independent candidate. On the professional level, she works as a businesswoman while on the voluntary level, she is enthusiastically engaged in political activities as she was one of the founders ofAldoustour" political party in Alexandria. Since her resignation from the party, she became more involved and implicated in developmental works. At that time she started to prepare her electoral campaign as an independent candidate out of any political entity.

In Qena governorate, Ms. Sahar Sedki won the parliamentary election 2015. Sedki was running on the Fe Hob Misr electoral party coalition’s list. She is the secretary of women of Mostaqbal Watan political party in Qena, additionally; she is a board member of Horus Association for Youth and Development. She has a long history in public works. She is so much implicated in the developmental programs that work on preparing the women cadres. From the first moment, HEYA program could reveal the women’s essential features as they are extremely honest, loyal and conscious while performing their work. They were good examples through the training workshops that were conducted by HEYA program.

They insisted on participating in all training workshops and presenting coherent and consequential public policy papers in cooperation with other women; The thing which motivated HEYA program teamwork to provide them with full support and assistance to take their decision to overcome their fears and fight the electoral battle. HEYA program predicts that the women will achieve outstanding performance and great success in the parliament.

HEYA program continues its efforts in supporting women who have leadership talent to provide them with the chance of empowerment and self discovery through extending them with the substantial information and experiences in political affairs.




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