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Press Release: Inauguration Ceremony of HEYA Centre for Public Policy - #HEYA_Kicks_Off- Egypt

Press Release: Inauguration Ceremony of HEYA Centre for Public Policy - #HEYA_Kicks_Off- Egypt

‘Heya’ Centre for Public Policy sets up an inauguration ceremony “HEYA Kicks Off” on Friday the 11th of March, 2016, in Almisahah Cultural Centre in Dokki - as part of a celebration of International Women's Day.

The Centre is considered a continuation of a dream which began by the ‘Heya’ program two years ago as part of the regional support of every woman for leadership and participation in the public domain in the six provinces of Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, AlBeheira, Qena and South Sinai. The aim of this programme is to raise their capabilities and awareness of the political and development work through a set of intense workshopsaiming at training women to identify issues, analyse and formulate public policies.The programme managed to come up with 42 policy papers about the most important issues in various fields. The programme is considered a means of communicating women’s voices and issues to decision-makers through roundtables and meetings with officials as well as through media and social networks.

‘Heya’ Centre for Public Policy works in several Arab states. It is an embodiment of the objective of the program in the detection of marginalization and exclusion, which hindered the participation of women in the public sphere, hoping to be a think tank and a reference to the policies. All this is supported by transparency and respect for diversity and integrity.

The Centre aims to contribute to the analysis and formulation of public policy for the countries of origin. These include Egypt - Jordan, Tunis, Lebanon and Yemen especially after the radical political changes experienced by those countries. The Centre also aims to strengthen the participation of women in the electoral experiences and access to leadership positions as the most important priorities. Among the Centre’s other objectives is participating in the decision and practices of good governance and activating the role of civil society organizations which is the only way to bring about real change for a truly democratic climate.

This event will start at 13.00pm with an introduction and a documentary about the Centre, followed by an account of the stories of the women community pioneers; then a collection of art and singing shows.

There will be two roundtables on a range of policies produced by ‘Heya’ Centre, about "sexual harassment and how to combat it" and "the role of women in the application of the law of local administration". This will take place in the presence of the ladies who developed these policies, decision-makers and members of the parliament.

We hope that launching of the Centre will be a new avenue for change and an effective start for pushing the development wheel forward.




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