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HEYA Egypt held a national round-table discussion about ‘Health system between reality and expectations’

HEYA Egypt held a national round-table discussion about ‘Health system between reality and expectations’

As a commitment from the ‘Heya’ Centre to evaluate the local reality and to discuss pressing issues in the community, the Center invited a group of specialists and decision-makers in the field of health in Egypt on Sunday, the 28th of February, 2016. They discussed the challenging problems in the health sector and the means at hand to deal with them. The Centre is hoping that its recommendations will be communicated to decision-makers.

The Centre relied on five policy papers prepared by groups of women who have been trained through the Centre in the past two years. Their job was to analyse and formulate public policy, through the ‘Heya’ programme and to support women’s leadership and seek to deliver the voice of women, their suffering and perceptions of solving their problems to the decision-makers as well as their ability to put realistic and effective solutions to their own problems.

This roundtable, which was held in Al-Ahram Regional Press Institute, five policy papers produced in Alexandria, Qena and AlBeheira. The first paper was on "the development of the health insurance system in Egypt"; the second paper addressed " the problem of health care in Egypt "; the third paper discussed" increasing the level of medical services in Egypt "; the fourth paper investigated "the development of the medical services system in government hospitals"; the fifth and final paper looked into "solutions of the health sector problem in Egypt ".

The discussion involved the contribution of Mr. Sameh Habib, member of the Egyptian parliament, Dr Mohammed Said Mahfouz, Director of the Regional Press Institute –Al-Ahram newspaper in addition to a group of women who presented policy papers on the health system in Egypt as well as a group of journalists and specialists.

The discussion resulted in several recommendations based on the fact that everyone has the right to access health services. These recommendations include the establishment of health insurance fund for all Egyptians, regardless of the nature of their work or whether or not they work in the public or the private sector. Costs of the treatment will be deducted from the monthly salary of the employee and treatment will be provided to non-working individuals.

Legally, the team recommended the need to legalize medical procedures and setting quality standards for hospitals, drug investment and tax to be paid by all workers in the medical sectors.

The discussion concluded that more attention to be paid to scientific research, raising the efficiency of health workers, starting with doctors and nurses by giving them the appropriate trainings to develop their performance, as well as educate the cleaners, assistants and staff in hospitals.

‘Heya’ Centre for public policy hopes that these recommendations reach decision-makers. The Centre also promises that it will continue its efforts in the provision of policy papers in all sectors in order to attain the desired sustainable development.




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