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Announcement of Launching and operating "HEYA Center for Public Policy"

Announcement of Launching and operating "HEYA Center for Public Policy"

In the framework of efforts that were exerted by HEYA program to entrench its messages and objectives that aim at enhancing women’s participation in public sphere in addition to increasing their engagement in political life through formulating public policy papers that were most affected by women and,  in the same time, have a great influence on them, HEYA program enthusiastically sought to establish "HEYA Center for Public Policy" which is considered the most important and prominent product of HEYA regional program.

In this context, the concerted efforts of HEYA - teamwork and women- as well as its partner organizations were integrated to turn the time- bound developmental program into a sustainable developmental entity/ activity represented in "HEYA center".

In this regards, an advisory committee is – which is combined from development experts and well aware social and political activists -assigned to overlook the design of HEYA Center strategy.  It’s worth mentioning that the advisory committee is actually composed of the local partner organization representatives.

In order to gain maximum benefits from HEYA women’s experience and knowledge, HEYA center recommended to hire a well-qualified three of them - who are firstly affiliated to women participation issue in public sphere, secondly, to HEYA center messages and objectives - in addition to the financial and administrative support team.

In the same vein, HEYA program regional administration decided to replace the name of HEYA program for leader women to be “HEYA Center for Public Policy” and circulate the name through various publications, reports as well as online and field presence aiming to effectively support HEYA center’s launching.

Although it may seem strange to some, but in fact, the purpose here is really strategic, the regional administration seeks to excessively utilize all available possibilities to serve the presence of HEYA center and its continuity which is supposed to be a launch point for women’s successful access in Arab world.

Through this very significant step, women’s capacities are going to be boosted and refined, consequently, women will be empowered to easily present and discuss their proposed policy solutions to policymakers.

Finally, we look forward to enhance and increase women’s effective engagement in decision making process through providing them with the most effective platforms which are affiliated with women’s issues.




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