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Press Release: HEYA Center in Yemen held a national RTD on the “Unemployment Reasons, Effects and Solutions”

Press Release: HEYA Center in Yemen held a national RTD on the “Unemployment Reasons, Effects and Solutions”

In the frame work of the periodical activities of HEYA Centre for Public Policy in Yeman, on 4th of May 2016, Held in the capital Sanaa a national round table discussion about the Unemployment issue in Yemen; reasons, effects and solutions. In the presence of government officials, CSOs members, international organizations, professors from university of Sanaa and the center stakeholders, in addition to HEYA women,as well as, Media representatives.

Mr. Ahmed El Masry - National Coordinator of HEYA centre in Yemen- welcomed all of the attendees in this important event which discuss one of the prominent social dilemmas that the Yemeni society encounter; he praised the governmental sector for their great interaction with the centre, representing the work paper. And the management of the centre assured their interest on expanding the partnership base with different institutions, organizations, and specialists to come out with a common vision to resolve the unemployment issue, and to avoid its disastrous effect on the community members. 

Afterwards a paper was presented by the Central Statistical Agency under the name of the “Expansion of unemployment issue in Yemen, and its reasons”. The paper focused on analysing the dimensions and background of the problem through the period of 1994 to 2014. Dr. Hassan Sabat Farhan – The head of the Central Statistical Agency- discussed the HEYA women on the emergence of the problem, its definition and type, As well as it's negative effect on the Yemen community, and he carefully turned into the expansion of the unemployment volume by providing his observations and recommendations. 

Another Paper Entitled “The Unemployment and employment constrains in Yemen) was presented by Mr. Abdel Halim Medhsh – Director of service and operating, Department of labour-Force at the Ministry Social Affairs and Work.

The paper focused on three points :- 

  • Labour market indicators and employment constrains.  
  • Analysis of unemployment problem in Yemen
  • The role of the social affairs and work in the restriction of unemployment.

Furthermore, the HEYA women started to present their policy papers for the unemployment issue in Yemen. The first paper was represented by Ms. Ebtisam El Mohamady, under the title of “working society... Productive society”, the paper discussed the effect of this issue; Then discussed the opportunities, alternatives, and the recommendations for solving the problem. One of the alternatives presented in the paper, the experience of Bangladesh republic and how the social initiatives managed to employ millions through the policy of the activation of the free interest loans. 

The second policy paper was represented by Ms. Mona El Hetam, she presented the historical background for the issue, the legislative background, statistics, the role of the governmental sectors, and public organizations which is related to the unemployment issue in Yemen. Afterwards the solutions were discussed and the suggested alternatives. 

The open discussion comes out with a number of recommendations as the following:-

  • Working on strengthen the partnership and networking with the various stakeholders
  • Collaborative advocacy efforts for the reform of the employment law in Yemen and drafting a new law to minimize the rates of unemployment.
  • Establishing a national awareness campaign that includes meetings and events on both local and national level; in order to raise the awareness of the unemployment threat, its negative effects; and support youth projects. 

Published by Sanaa Centre

8th of May 2016 




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