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HEYA discuss the Education services and Terrorism phenomena in Egypt

HEYA discuss the Education services and Terrorism phenomena in Egypt

HEYA center for public policy in collaboration with El Qalaa charity association in Alexandria held a two round table discussion on the 20th and 21st April 2016, aiming at disseminating the policy papers drafted and formulated by women participant.

The first round table discussion, addressed the issue of the deterioration in the educational service in Alexandria. The discussion attends and led by Dr. Samir  ElNile - Media spokesman for the Ministry of Education and Dr. Mohammed Algizawy - Director of General Education –Alexandria. 

The paper presented a number of recommendations, which are; The need to build a largest possible number of well-equipped schools, transforming the existing education system from traditional education to advanced technological education, and motivate the students to adopt more positive attitude towards school attendance to facilitate their learning process. 

The second round table dealt with a policy paper addressing the phenomenon of terrorism in Egypt, in the presence of a group of parliamentarians, head of the human rights department - internal security in addition to a representative from the Ministry of endowment Alexandria. 

The attendees appraised the women efforts in tackling such a challenging issue. The paper presented a number of recommendations and also highlighted the importance of reaching to an international convention on counter-terrorism, provision of job opportunities for unemployed specially among the youth segment, enhancing the economic standard for the youth  ,  as well as raising citizens awareness during disasters and crises, e.g.  in the case of a bomb through providing and publish a guidance on how to deal with it , and finally provide and put in place  a solid/  secure procedure for the subway /metro stations ,  buses and tourist attractions.

Prior to that, four round table was held in Alexandria and Behira Governorate. In Alexandria and in collaboration with ''Women and Development Association, the discussions is around ''Violence against women'', and ''Divorce while in Behira the discussion was on “Dual education” and ''Collecting garbage” in collaboration with Abou Bakr el Sedeek association. The round table attended by group of parliamentarians, executives, and specialists in the field.

It is worth nothing that HEYA centre for public policy is an extension to the developmental program for supporting the female leaders in several governorates mainly Alexandria, Cairo, Giza, South Sinai, and Qena, through providing technical trainings on analyzing and formulating the public policy, till they been able to formulate public policies based on their vision towards their community issues.




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