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Cooperation Agreement between HEYA Center and HEWAR Center at FEPS

Cooperation Agreement between HEYA Center and HEWAR Center at FEPS

HEYA centre for public policy and centre Political Research & Studies and intercultural Dialogue (CPRSID) signed a cooperation protocol at Faculty of Economic and Political Science (FEPS) – Cairo University. Hence, HEYA centre for public policy intend to strengthen the coordination with various stakeholders, e.g. (Development Associations, Academic Institutions, Governmental agencies) in order to; enhance women and youth participation on public policy analysis and formulation.

On the 19th June 2016 HEYA centre held a meeting to sign the cooperation protocol between HEYA centre for public policy and Centre Political Research& Studies and Intercultural Dialogue (CPRSID).The signing meeting attended by  Dr. Hala el Saied –Dean of Faculty Economic and political science ,  Dr. Nadia Abou Ghazi - Director of Centre political Research& Studies and Intercultural Dialogue,  as well as, Ms. Ouhoud. In contrast, HEYA centre for public policy participants were Dr. Hiam el Qousi – Egypt National Coordinator, Mr. Ahmed El Assal - Regional Officer and, Mr. Youssef Tarek the Media Specialist.

Signing the cooperation protocol was the ultimate conclusion after the continuous meetings and correspondences between the two centres.  Although, the agreement been extended to include Cairo University students as a whole, and is not restricted to the students of the faculty only.

The agreement included the execution of two types of workshops. The first about analysing and formulation of public policy, and the second about documentary film making. The aim of both workshops is to raise young people awareness in their society and provide means to face the challenges.The Conduction of this protocol will start immediately by conducting the first workshop on Public Policy analysis and formulation from 11th – 13th July 2016. 




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